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Pantone Color of the Year Greenery Ushers in New Beginnings for 2017


2017-pantone-color-of-the-year-greenery-005Taking a look at the what is taking place in our global culture the Pantone color experts saw the cultural moods and attitudes was one of reinvigoration. The Pantone color experts chose greenery as the 2017 Pantone color of the year. As the world gets more and more immersed with technology people look for a way to connect with the natural world. The greenery color gives people the sense they can breathe deep in order to revive, restore and renew themselves. 

What does the Pantone color of the year mean for you and your next event? Consider how you can incorporate greenery with lighting.  One of the most common ways to set the tones and mood of the event is with uplighting. You can choose a green uplight to change If you want to incorporate greenery into your event through decor you will want to make sure you highlight the greenery decor. You can use pinspotting for the centerpieces or in this last year we have seen a trend of greenery walls which we have highlighted with light washes. and pattern projections. If you are having an outdoor reception or event you can showcase the existing nature by uplighting the trees or run stringer lights throughout the trees. 

2017-pantone-color-of-the-year-greenery-001 2017-pantone-color-of-the-year-greenery-002



2017-pantone-color-of-the-year-greenery-004 2017-pantone-color-of-the-year-greenery-006 2017-pantone-color-of-the-year-greenery-008 2017-pantone-color-of-the-year-greenery-011



BEYOND’s Colorful uplighting!


While one of the most popular colors of uplighting is a champagne color BEYOND loves it when clients go a different direction and choose a more colorful uplighting. Three of the most popular colors are purple, pink, and blue. With each color used  you can create a specific ambiance and atmosphere for your wedding or event. 

Purple is a color that is a sign of royalty and is associated with nobility and spirituality and is used to create a warm and elegant atmosphere. It is a popular wedding color choice especially with our TCU clients.beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0003 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0006 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0007

Pink is often a popular choice for weddings since it is associated with love, beauty, tenderness, sweetness and the romantic. It is often used in combination with blue and purple.  

beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0001 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0004 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0008

Blue is a popular color to give a more party like atmosphere to an events but can also give a more ethereal feel such as to convey a glow of clouds in the sky or to give an effect of water. Blue is also a popular choice for our SMU clients. When choosing a color such as blue or purple we do also suggest a white light is present otherwise having just the blue or purple can create a flat dimensionless room. 

beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0002 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0005 beyond-colorful-uplighting-popular-light-colors-purple-pink-blue_0009


BEYOND’s Candlelight Uplighting



One of the most popular lighting design elements for any wedding or event is to use uplighting around the event room. Uplighting is a fixture placed on the floor to wash light up onto a wall in a selected color. For weddings one of the most popular choices is to have candlelight uplighting around the room. The candlelight uplighting is used to create a a warm and inviting ambiance for the reception. Uplighting can be used to enhance a room or event space and set the mood for the entire night. If the room has pops of color in the decor the candlelight uplighting is used to accent additional colors. If the space has draping the candlelight uplighting is often popular choice to illuminate the draping and create a soft romantic feel. If you want to set a warm inviting mood during the dinner part of your reception but want to create a party atmosphere later in the evening the uplighting color can be changed throughout the night as well. 


photo by f8



Photo by Rebecca Lorrainebeyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_07

photos by Christina Wisnerbeyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_09 beyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_10

photo by Tracy Autembeyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_11 

Modern Luxury Bride Feature-Emily & Andrew



With Fall beginning this week and October just around the corner we wanted to showcase one of our weddings from last October featured in the Fall/Winter 2016 Modern Luxury Brides Dallas magazine. For Emily and Andrew’s wedding reception at the Brook Hollow Country Club BEYOND provided cross spots on the tall floral arrangements to provide lighting for guests during dinner, pin spots on the low floral arrangements to showcase the floral design, soft controlled uplighting around the ball room and a wash on the bride and grooms cake for presentation. It was great working with Planner Mathes & Co on this wedding along with The Garden Gate for floral, Frosted Art Bakery for cakes, Rentals from Perch Event Decor, Linens from BBJ Linen, Entertainment by Jordan Kahn Music Company, Hair by Sonia Trevino and Makeup by My Fabulous Faces

ModWedding Blog Feature: Ashley & Clay


Dallas Wedding Adolphus Hotel BEYOND lighting Significant Events of Texas Stems of Dallas M&M Special Events Company Photography by Shaun Menary Photography

Dallas Wedding Adolphus Hotel BEYOND lighting Significant Events of Texas Stems of Dallas M&M Special Events Company Photography by Shaun Menary Photography_2

Photos by Shaun Menary Photography

We were so excited to hear  that Ashley & Clay’s Wedding at The Adolphus Hotel was featured on MODWedding’s Blog. BEYOND loved providing the lighting for their gorgeous day. BEYOND provided uplighting in the ceremony  and reception, ceremony stage canopy wash, pin spotting on the floral on the guest tables as well as the Taylor Chandeliers over the guest tables and the XL Maria Chandelier over the dance floor.  You can view the feature here. It was great working with the following vendors: Significant Events of Texas, Shaun Menary Photography, Southern Fried Paper, Beauty & The Blush Artistry, Stems of Dallas, Prashe, Dallas Affaires Cake Company, The Project Band , Four Strings, Love Notes, La Tavola Linen, M&M the Special Events Company, and Hannah Lee Art.