2018 Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet

While last years color of the year was all about nature and natural elements this years color choice of Ultra Violet is about originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward to the future. This years color choice fits perfectly for BEYOND and many of our clients. We are always looking towards the future for the newest trends in lighting, audio visual and video to incorporate in events for our clients and bring them the latest technology to make their event stand out. BEYOND works on several fundraisers and non profits events that are we see our clients constantly looking towards the future on how to better lives and end illnesses.

Shades of violet has long been a popular color choice for our clients whether it is being used to set a party atmosphere, is the color of a themed event such as Mardi Gras or often our TCU brides like to use it at their wedding receptions since it is the school’s color. If you incorporate the color of the year in your decor for your event such as violet flowers the color can be dark and you want to make sure it is seen by properly illuminating your decor. A way to do so is by adding pinspots for flowers and washes for bar and food areas. Below we take a look at how it has been incorporated in the past and can’t wait to see how it is used this next year.

Corporate Event at the Perot Museum

Wedding with Ricardo Tomas at Hotel Crescent Court with Photography by Tony Valdez

Wedding with Tami Winn Events and photography by Sara Donaldson

Wedding Reception at the Dallas Museum of Art

Corporate Event at Sixty Five Hundred 

Wedding Reception at Southfork Ranch with photography by Fairy Tale Photography

Corporate Event at Hall of State with photography by Jason Vionov 

Corporate Event with Access Texas and photography by Sarah Rizy

ILEA Texas Star Awards at the Hilton Anatole with Photography by Christie’s Photographic Solutions

Wedding with Tami Winn Events at TCU Champions Club with photography by Tracy Autem Photography