BEYOND at the ABC Annual Conference


Photos by The Mamones

This week was the Association of Bridal Consultants Annual conference held in Dallas, Texas at the Adolphus Hotel. Our very own Jennifer Burns, Director of Marketing and Sales, presented on lighting designs and trends. She went over the many different type of lighting styles, the dos and don’ts when it comes to lighting your event and what is the latest trends in wedding lighting. A few of the key points she hit on was when choosing uplighting for your event is to give careful consideration to color. Green is not a good color when food is present blues and purples can create a flat dimensionless room and the color that is great for all skin tones and softens the room is blush/candlelight. If you choose to uplight in a color you want to be sure to put light on your florals otherwise the room will look flat and lack dimension. The light on the florals is called pin spotting  and is a direct beam of light from above focused down to enhance the detail and design of the centerpiece. These are just two of the various lighting elements you incorporate into your event design. There are also washes, lighting for ceremonies, tent lighting, gobos, monograms & pattern projections, stringer lights, chandeliers and intelligent lighting which can be used to create movement in the room. When it comes to lighting there are several dos and don’ts to consider. You can read about our lighting dos and don’ts on a previous blog post here. While many people consider the lighting design Jennifer wants you to make sure you also consider if you will need rigging for the lighting, to make sure you have talked to the venue about power and remember to include rigging and power in your budget if needed. Jennifer also discussed some of the current lighting trends including twinkle lights and “no-color” lighting which we will go into further on upcoming blogs. beyond-at-the-abc-annual-conference-associatian-of-bridal-consultants-dallas-texas-adolphus-hotel-donnie-brown-events-jburns-0004

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