BEYOND Is Not Only A Lighting Company

With being in business for over ten years many people know BEYOND as a lighting company. But what we want you to know is that BEYOND is not only a lighting company. When BEYOND started  in the events industry the primary focus was lighting but as we grew our events have become more focused on the audio-visual and video production aspect of event production.

When it comes to the audio visual design for an event BEYOND takes into account many factors to make sure our clients sound and sight needs are met. Being familiar with many of the Dallas/Fort Worth venues helps our team to know the best placement of speakers around the rooms for optimal sound delivery. Dependent on the size of the room and how many guests will help us in placing screens, screen projectors and/or TVs, as well as choosing screen and TV size to make sure everyone has the best view.

BEYOND’s video production has expanded greatly over the years as well from initially filming weddings to now working with several non profit organizations and local businesses. We work with them to produce videos showcasing the accomplishments of their organizations and honor people who have committed to their cause. Clients often go on to use the videos at their annual fundraising events to help raise awareness, online to promote their business and sometimes to highlight their fundraising events.

This summer we are going to take a look back at some of our events from the past year that had some new aspects or challenges such as live streaming, coordinating videos over several locations, making sure clients were able to immediately upload content online and dealing with unique installation logistics. We will also explore some of our videos produced for non profits we worked closely with over the past year.