BEYOND’s Custom DJ Booth


With the BEYOND custom DJ Booth we are able to meet your audio visual needs. Our custom DJ Booth sits on a riser and holds a 55 inch high definition TV screen. The Booth itself is 42 inches high and when placed on the riser it sits at approximately 6.5 feet. With the DJ Booth and riser painted white it makes for clean background that can be easily customized. The riser can be customized with a companies logo or graphics. For a wedding you can use a couple’s monogram. On the TV you can show anything from your logo for branding, a slide show and videos or movies. Most recently at the D Magazine Best of Big D event we had a go pro stationed above the custom DJ Booth and on the TV screen below the DJ we projected the DJ himself spinning. To inquire about our custom DJ Booth  for your next event head on over to our contact form. 


photo by Rhiannan Lee Photography


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