BEYOND’s Candlelight Uplighting


One of the most popular lighting design elements for any wedding or event is to use uplighting around the event room. Uplighting is a fixture placed on the floor to wash light up onto a wall in a selected color. For weddings one of the most popular choices is to have candlelight uplighting around the room. The candlelight uplighting is used to create a a warm and inviting ambiance for the reception. Uplighting can be used to enhance a room or event space and set the mood for the entire night. If the room has pops of color in the decor the candlelight uplighting is used to accent additional colors. If the space has draping the candlelight uplighting is often popular choice to illuminate the draping and create a soft romantic feel. If you want to set a warm inviting mood during the dinner part of your reception but want to create a party atmosphere later in the evening the uplighting color can be changed throughout the night as well. 


photo by f8



Photo by Rebecca Lorrainebeyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_07

photos by Christina Wisnerbeyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_09 beyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_10

photo by Tracy Autembeyond-candlelight-uplighting-warm-inviting-ambiance-romantic_11 

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