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Last week we introduced you to the video team and you saw why the video team loves doing what they do. This week we want you to get to  know more about the faces behind the cameras.  We first have Melissa Weyer our Video Production Manager who will be celebrating 10 years with BEYOND this October. Melissa began her career in Maryland attending Howard Community College majoring in Business Management. Next we have Judy Philips our Associate Video Department Manager who will have been with BEYOND 6 years this November. Judy studied Digital Media at the Art Institute of Dallas. Our newest video team member who has now been with BEYOND for 2 years this past August is Whitney Cochran our Video Specialist. Whitney attended the University of Oklahoma majoring in Broadcasting and Electronic Media.

Each member of the video teams unique backgrounds and experiences helps them to work seamlessly together. Melissa’s background in business management as well as her previous work in the hospitality industry and office environments allows her to lead the video team with her attention to detail and assigning tasks to the team. She makes sure nothing is missed not only on the wedding but throughout the editing process. Judy’s background in digital media helps her as she films to visualize the end product prior to going into the editing of a video.  With Whitney coming from live sports programming it helped prepare her to be ready for anything on the day of the wedding where she is ready to capture all the emotional moments that can occur.  With each of their diverse set of skills it allows them to view the wedding day and editing process through their own creative eye and together they transform the footage from the wedding day into beautifully crafted stories. 

During their free time Melissa, Judy & Whitney each enjoy spending time in the outdoors. Melissa enjoys having a cold drink anywhere with a view with her husband Justin. Judy enjoys camping and attending concerts and festivals with her girlfriend and Whitney likes to go to the lake where she enjoys paddle boarding and wake boarding. Each of them is also a proud pet parent. Melissa has 3 dogs at home with Justin, Judy has her cat Jack who is famous on Instagram and Whitney has 2 chocolate labs named Bear and Charlie as well as her cat Harley. 

In case you missed it below is the Meet the Video Team video.

Meet The Video Team from Beyond on Vimeo.

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