We are all guilty of it…posting a photo from an event and not listing or tagging the photographer, the planner, or the florist. Sometimes not a single vendor will be listed. You all have looked at a picture posted by another vendor and thought, thanks friend, see that (fill in the blank) in the background, I did that. I don’t believe we intentionally leave people off, at least I hope not. I believe we are just busy and want to show what we did and move on.

As vendor partners we all need to get better about listing the other vendors involved in any project. Why? Because no one ever single handedly puts together an event. A planner may design the event and determine the overall look but it is unlikely they are also designing the centerpieces, placing each and every pin spot and light around the room, or laying out the linen. For sure they aren’t putting the make up on the bride or designing the wedding gown. Give credit where credit is due and note the vendors that were involved in any portion of a picture you are posting.

We should never walk into an event and not know who the other vendors will be.  If the event  has an event planner, they should be providing you with a complete list of vendors. If you are working directly with a client and they do not provide that information in advance then ask for it! Look at the vendor list and look up their Instagram accounts and follow them, like them on FB etc., all of which will make it easier when you go to post your pictures from the event. Also if you are posting a photo that you took, note that. Say something like “Enjoy these personal photos I took but look for the official event photos from (NAME), the photographer who is capturing tonight’s event.”

 It is also important when you are submitting events for publications to make sure you include each and every vendor that was involved. Just as you want the publicity, so do your vendor partners. It is only fair to them that you give them the credit they are due for assisting in the creation of such a beautiful event.

Will all this take a little extra work? Absolutely!  It is worth it though as we all need to support and help each other as this industry grows. The BEYOND team will continue to make every effort as we move forward to make sure that we give credit to everyone involved, all the time.  It is the little things that makes a big difference and that is important to us.

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Here are some samples of posts from our Vendor Partners that took the time to try and name each and every vendor involved in the event: 



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