Lauren & Andrew Wedding Film

BEYOND Films recently had the pleasure of filming Lauren & Andrew’s wedding day. Lauren has been a special part of our owner, Ryan Kelley, and his wife, Kate’s life. Below they explain how Lauren came to be a big part of their lives and their daughter’s lives. Ryan tells how he decided on the lighting design for their wedding at Sixty Five Hundred.

In 2007 BEYOND was growing by leaps and bounds. Ryan and I moved to Allen to put us closer to his work, and we happened to move across the street from the Burns family. Which was such a blessing. Lauren was started watching the girls, Isabella, 3 & Lilly, 1 shortly after we moved in. The girls fell in love and she became a huge support to us right away. In 2011 we had Abby, who had a rough start in life and was put back into the hospital at just a few days old. Lauren stepped in to watch the 2 older girls so Ryan & I could be there for Abby. Her love, concern and support at such a young age was a huge gift to us. At that point she was one of our own. We’ve watched her grow up and seen her graduate high school, start a modeling career, graduate college and become a teacher. We were privileged to have her live with us for her last year and half of college, which was when she met Andrew! That gave us front row seats to the relationship from the start. We are so thankful for not only Lauren but Andrew too. He walked into our home and into our hearts from the start and we knew he would be around for a long time to come. All good things have to come to an end and Lauren moved to Los Angeles, California after graduating we were sad to see her go. But knew God had bigger things for her and Andrew. There they have pursued their careers and passions and started a beautiful life together.

The 3 girls were Junior Bridesmaids in their wedding. Treated like family the entire weekend!

I designed the lighting around Lauren’s and Andrew’s tastes and style, they are both vary minimalist and enjoy natural and eclectic surroundings. The room wash washed in soft candle lights shades for a warm and elegant feel, café lights draped over the dancefloor provided soft lighting overhead for a romantic first dance, table center pieces were highlighted to showcase the floral and provide soft dinner lighting for guests. As the evening progressed we dimmed the candle light feel down and as the guests continued to enjoy the evening we added a touch more excitement and party feel with color and movement around the DJ and dancefloor.