The Importance of Ceremony Audio

At BEYOND one of our primary focus is first-class quality audio-visual for your event.  It has come to our attention that it is quite common for brides and grooms to forget about including audio for their ceremony!  We were interested to see if what we were seeing was in line with what a few of our favorite wedding and event planners in the DFW area were experiencing and what advice they were giving their clients….

Ceremony Chandeliers

Add a glamorous touch to your special day by incorporating one of our gorgeous chandeliers in your ceremony! Adriel and Leroy did just that at Arlington Hall this past summer and we think the results are stunning!  Planner: Birds of a Feather Photo Credit: Sara and Rocky

Ceremony Audio

Outdoor weddings. For future couples, the trick is to not forget about ceremony audio! It ensures the music you picked and the vows you speak can be heard by your guests. And as seen in this picture, it won’t be an eye sore to your special day.