The Importance of Ceremony Audio

At BEYOND one of our primary focus is first-class quality audio-visual for your event.  It has come to our attention that it is quite common for brides and grooms to forget about including audio for their ceremony!  We were interested to see if what we were seeing was in line with what a few of our favorite wedding and event planners in the DFW area were experiencing and what advice they were giving their clients.
Check out below.

“Ceremony audio is so important and very easily overlooked by couples who don’t have a professional wedding planner. I think a lot of couples just assume that it’s something that the venue arranges for, but that’s not always the case! The ceremony is the first part of a couple’s wedding day, and  for all intents and purposes, the REASON people are there!! If guests can’t hear the ceremony, they will most likely feel disconnected and will start to lose focus. Making sure that your guests can hear the couple exchanging their vows or the officiant’s inspirational words is the best way to make sure they remain involved and focused on true reason for the celebration!”
-Kimberly Rhodes from Hitched Events

“If you are hiring musicians for your ceremony, ask about their power and audio requirements ahead of time. Some musicians do not travel with this type of equipment, so it’s important to work with your audio vendor to ensure they will have a proper setup.”

“If you have a videographer, make sure they are able to capture the audio through their own equipment or through the outside vendor’s equipment. Connect the two vendors via email or phone ahead of time to ensure they are on the same page (and that you are not paying for duplicate equipment). Your wedding planner can also assist with this task!”

-The team at DFW Events

“Arranging for a professional audio system and operator is essential for all outdoor wedding ceremonies as you could be working against noise pollution from air and ground transportation as well as other outdoor events and entertainment.
Audio may not be necessary for small weddings in indoor spaces with good acoustics; however, I typically recommend audio for indoor ceremonies as well in order to ensure guests can hear the officiant, bride, groom and any speakers or soloists throughout the service.”
-Caroline Fair at Caroline Events