White Chandelier BEYOND’S Newest Lighting Feature

If you are looking for a way to transform the room for your next event with  a unique lighting look;  BEYOND wants to introduce you to our white chandelier. Our white chandelier offers clean sleek modern lines. It can be used at your next white party, corporate or charity event, to a wedding ceremony or reception.  Adding the clean lighting element is a guarantee to set your next event apart from the rest. Whether your space is outdoors in a tent, to transforming a ballroom at a hotel, to having it placed above you as you exchange your vows, the white chandelier will look amazing in any space.  If you’d like a bit more flare you can even have your florist add flowers to hang from the chandelier. Contact us if you would like pricing information on our newest chandelier addition. 

White Chandelier BEYOND lighting Wedding Reception Ceremony Details Dallas Texas

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